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Golf Car

  • Points for normal checking and manual
Points of checking Details for checking Checking cycle
Daily Weekly Monthly Yearly
Battery Clean the terminal, examine the specific gravity of electrolytic solution and wiring     해당 체크  
Charging condition 해당 체크      
Check any loosening or short of cable connecting parts     해당 체크  
Tire Examine exterior damage and wearing 해당 체크      
Examine the pressure and state of tire.   해당 체크    
Change the positions of tires.     해당 체크  
Change the tire.       해당 체크
Brake Operating state of pedal and parking brake. 해당 체크      
Examine an operating state of brake motor (AGV)   해당 체크    
Examine the brake motor rod and the parking brake gap (AGV)     해당 체크  
Examine the brake pad and disk       해당 체크
Accelerator Operating state of the pedal 해당 체크      
Steering Free gap for left and right steering 해당 체크      
External cleaning   해당 체크      
Driving checking Switch lever, alarming buzzer, vibration and noise. 해당 체크      
Examine a recovering power of the steering and test operation     해당 체크  
Wiring checking Examine the connection state between connecters.     해당 체크  
Wheel alignment         해당 체크
Wheel bearing checking         해당 체크
Inverter oil level checking         해당 체크
Checking the gap between the bolt and nut         해당 체크

Download the manual for periodic examinations.

Method of management for the golf car