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Concrete pump car

  • Checking and maintenance
  • Cause and action for  main contingencies


Daily examination means to check the equipment everyday to secure the pump car operator’s safety and to promote the maximum work efficiency. It shall be performed certainly.

Points to be checked Details of checking
Power transmission system
  • Is the engine condition OK?
  • Is P.T.O. in normal operation without leaking oil and abnormal noise?
  • Is the connection of propeller shaft robust? Is the grease feeding sufficient?
Hydraulic system
  • Does the hydraulic pump operate normally without leaking oil?
  • Is the operating oil sufficient in the tank?
  • Check a contaminated stated of operating oil (transparency and cleanness).
  • Is there any leakage of oil on the tank or pipeline?
Outrigger and each section of boom
  • Does it operate normally? Aren’t there any leaks or abnormal noise?
  • Isn’t there any natural descending?
  • Is the main body connection firm?
Manipulation system
  • Is the control lever operation condition normal?
  • Aren’t there loosening and clicking in the movement of control lever? Is the speed normal?
  • Is it operated normally according to electrical signal of blackout/stop/reversed operation of the other facilities?
  • Is the condition of pumping tube perfect? Is the quantity of grease sufficient?
  • Is the injection volume of grease sufficient?
  • Is the water inside the tank sufficient?
  • Is there any spare pumping tube?

Periodic examination

The equipments are worsened in their function as the time elapses and the working time increases.
Extend the life time of the equipment through checking and maintaining according to the checking and maintaining table which are recommended by our company to keep the best condition with strict pre checking and maintenance.
Avoid the danger of the accident due to sudden failure during working.

  • 1) Examination cycle and place

    Dongyang Pump Car will be examined firstly in 50 working hours after delivery, secondly in 6 months after then. The checking will be made based on the free of charge service table if you request the checking to the service center and factory in timely manner.

    ※ Cautions

    Please take care that warranty maintenance is not available for the claim occurred from checking/maintaining from using the generic parts or other places in spite of the warranty maintaining period. Refer to the warranty card for further details.

  • 2) Periodic examinations according to the laws for construction machine control.

    Dongyang Power Con Pump manufactured and delivered by Dongyang Mechatronics Co., Ltd is the machine classified as the “No. 15 concrete pump’ according to the construction control laws. The periodic checking shall be made after 1 year from the first registration date of the construction machine and periodic examination after six months from such checking according to the Enactment of Ministry of Construction. It shall be made continuously until the cancellation of the registration of the construction machine in same manner later on.

Operating test procedures